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What our our recent graduates have to say about HERIZEN™ Sailing for Women best describe their experience.

Testimonials –HERIZEN™ Sailing for Women

“This HERIZEN™ Sailing & Self-Awareness Training for Women blew my socks off in every direction. I had no idea I could be so competent at the helm and as crew. I have gained a level of mastery that has fueled my passion for the water even more. Valma is amazing – a teaching machine – I never stopped learning. This week far exceeded my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to master sailing, and go to the next level of self-awareness. I can hardly wait until next year.”- Janice Briggs

“I would highly recommend this sailing & self-awareness training for women to anyone who is seriously wants to learn how to sail and or simply wants to take the helm of their life with greater awareness and confidence. Valma’s level of skill and comprehension of the art of sailing combined with her patience and sensitivity to her students is astounding. I could not imagine a better teacher, mentor, motivator! I feel empowered, inspired and I can sail!”- Linda Lopez

“Valma, in such a short time you helped me sail on my 39 ‘ Folkes moving from fear of sailing to JOY! You showed me how to let go of the experiences of the past to create space for the new and positive experiences. You are incredibly competent and caring and I highly recommend you to anyone who wants to move forward both in sailing and in life.”- Lin Sheffield

“The best gift I’ve ever given to myself. It was a wonderful life experience and adventure. Captain Valma is fun to be with and has the patience of a saint. I re-kindled my love of sailing.”- Edie Gano, New Jersey, USA

“Valma, you are a very effective, patient and supportive teacher. I am amazed at how much I’ve been able to internalize in the short space of 7 days. I knew nothing about sailing. Now, I feel knowledgeable and competent at the basic level and I also have something new to feel passionate about. I am very excited about taking the next steps and continuing to learn. Our trip through the Gulf Islands was amazing! Thank you. ”- Lil Gillard, Alberta, Canada

“I had not sailed for over 10 years, so this course was a good way for me to clear the cobwebs of my knowledge. Valma gives very clear instructions and uses various methodologies to approach different learning styles – Bravo!”- Sylvia Malzacher, Paris, France

“The HERIZEN™ Sailing & Self-Awareness Training Retreat offered me a safe place to improve my comfort and confidence in a sail boat and beyond. The method of teaching used by Capt. Brenton and her response to my learning and comfort needs was nurturing and empowering. I have come away from the retreat with increased sailing skills that I can also take to my home, work and social life.”- Lisa Marr-Laing, Alberta

“Valma is not only a great sailing instructor but also an incredible inspiring woman for all areas of life. Her course is a gift that I am so glad I gave myself. It has opened up many exciting possibilities for me as a woman, spiritually, financially and in my relationship as well as sailing.”- Sherri Gibson – Oregon

“Valma is an extremely competent sailor and inspires trust in her boat handling skills. I have learned so many new techniques. With new emerging confidence, I am very excited about trying them all out on my own boat”- Katharine Hill, New York, USA

“I could never have believed how much information I could take in just seven short days. The schedule was well organized and efficient. I now feel confident in my sailing abilities. More importantly, you helped me prove something to myself – That I can do it! Now, I can’t wait to get my own boat.”- Denise Moriarty, Colorado, USA

“What an amazing experience to be able to have 7 days of learning to sail. Each learning process brings about a new awareness. The setting of Protection Island & the B&B is very peaceful and serene. Friendly and genuine people full of kindness. Valma is an incredible instructor which she balances sailing with self awareness, kindness and great spirit. Thank you for the adventure. Age is no barrier.”- Avis Oxbury, Nanaimo BC

“Valma, I appreciate all the effort and energy you gave to make my experience with HERIZEN™; Sailing both positive and successful. From the fist inquiry, to my final CYA exam, I felt supported as you guided me to move forward, building on success. You provided a safe nonjudgmental and respectful environment not only to learn about how to sail but to learn about myself. I was so impressed by your ability to communicate effectively and by your extensive knowledge and experience as a mariner. This course has left me with a strong sense of accomplishment and a renewed energy to make other dreams come true. Once again I am reminded that we are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it come true.&rdquo – Leah Greenhalgh, Victoria, B.C. Canada.

“My experience of the HERIZEN™; sailing & self-awareness training for women and our instructor Capt. Valma, has not only given me a deep confidence in my abilities as a sailor, it has strengthened my belief that I can do all that I set my heart, mind and spirit to do. I have learned so much – about myself and how I sail. About all aspects of sailing and how to work smoothly with a sailing team. It was a great experience. I take home an abundance of rich feelings and I look forward to what’s next.”- SarahLyn Brooks, Oregon, USA

“This sailing & self-awareness training for women is amazing in that you are learning a tremendous amount of valuable information about yourself as well as sailing techniques in a very short period of time. Thank you Valma.”- Susan Bosworth, New York, USA

“Valma is an enthusiastic, inspiring and exceptionally experienced sailor and excellent sailing instructor – offering what I believe is an amazing transformational experience through her holistic, grounded and skilled based course. I have not only become a competent sailor through her facilitation, but have grown personally in the process. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity of experiencing HERIZEN™Marian Babity. Bowen Island, Canada

“I appreciated your thorough, precise, and professional manner because of the confidence it gave me in you. As well as your friendly attitude and genuine interest in my experience really drove me to want to earn and ask questions. Thank you.”- Audrey R. 18 yrs. Alberta, Canada

“Thank you for helping me to accomplish my goals of wanting to feel safe and competent while sailing and to enjoy rather than fear the experience. You are an awesome teacher, always willing to keep presenting facts and skills in different ways until your student finally understands. Thank you again for sharing your skills and love of sailing.”- Arlene Phillips. Nanaimo, B.C.

“I have really appreciated your energy and enthusiasm – promoting learning in a positive and supportive environment. This experience has reaffirmed how much I love sailing. I am looking forward to practicing my new found skills, knowledge and awareness in all parts of my life.”- Diana Bichel. Victoria, B.C.

“This has been an experience of great & intensive learning. I feel I now have a ground work on which to build my skills and competence in sailing. I appreciate your enthusiasm, positive attitude and patience with the learning process. Your energy inspired me to push past resistance and discover my competence as a sailor, especially to focus on successes and keep learning and growing. Thanks for the growth experience.”- Robin Feldman. Victoria, B.C., Canada

“I have been successful in meeting my goal of learning to be a competent sailing partner during this course. I appreciated the individualized teaching that occurred based on each of our needs and areas of difficulty. I now have the confidence to be more involved in the art of sailing with my husband.”- Heather Gillespie Nanaimo, B.C., Canada

“An awesome experience for any woman, with or without previous experience on the water. A chance to learn a new skill in a safe environment, make new friends and expand your awareness!”- Pat Straub, Victoria, B.C., Canada

“It has been a rewarding experience to take this time away from my everyday life and spend a week in beautiful surroundings learning how to sail and take the helm confidently. I will be back for more because the learning environment was so positive and thorough – I have processed information much more effectively thanks to HERIZEN™”- Maya Nader, Mercer Island, Washington, USA

“What a great way to learn so many new skills in such a short time. I had to be focused and “here in the present moment”, which has been difficult for me in the past. I am excited to think that I can now go sailing with my partner and be a fun and competent sailor. With Confidence!”- Kate Butler, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“The realization of my ability to stay focused while under pressure was truly an “AHA” event. Sailing in Awareness with HERIZEN™ has truly brought me closer to myself. Thanks for all!”- Lois Weidman, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

“This 5-day sailing & self-awareness retreat for women has been AMAZING!! I have felt incredible growth, both in my personal awareness and in my understanding of basic sailing skills and safety. The warmth, energy, confidence and focus on the crew of women this week as we worked together, was something I had never before experienced from an instructor. Valma and the HERIZEN™sailing & self-awareness training for women brought me to a new level. I thank you very much.”- Jennifer Morwen-Smith. Vancouver, B.C. Canada

“Excellent opportunity to fill the gaps of knowledge for a “somewhat experienced sailor” I enjoyed the time shared with a small group to allow each women time to learn. Valma – you are extremely patient and articulate, encouraging me to keep focused through so much information.”- Scotty Wilson. Vancouver, B.C. Canada

“A superb week – beautiful weather in a beautiful location. Very intensive program – learned extensive mounts about sailing. Competent, compassionate, patient, experienced instructor.”- Mary Ellison, Williams Lake, B.C. Canada

“I want to thank you VERY MUCH for a wonderful and enlightening experience this past week. It has, for me already been life-altering. Your vision, your energy, your insight and your wealth of experience and openness in sharing, has impacted on my mind and body profoundly! I feel stronger, more powerful, and open to a new world of life’s choices. I’m excited to experience this new strength as I make decisions in my work, at play, and with my family. Thank you, thank you, thank you….I will hold the experiences of this past week close to my heart and focus my energy with positivity and strength, as you have modeled for me, in everything in life as much I am able.” May Love, Peace and Strength continue to be with you as always.”- Jennifer Morwen Smith, Vancouver, B.C. Canada

“We are winged creatures. I learned to fly. Thank you for the flying lessons.”- SarahLyn Brooks, Oregon USA

“Thank you for sharing your skills, experience, wisdom and enthusiasm. You are an inspiring woman and I am grateful for the opportunity of spending time on the water with you. I will think of you with a smile on my face and a lightness in my heart on my adventures to come. May your dreams become reality and your inspiring positive enthusiasm continue throughout your life.”- Marian Babity, Bowen Island, BC

“I would highly recommend this sailing & self-awareness training for women to anyone who is seriously wants to learn how to sail and or simply wants to take the helm of their life with greater awareness and confidence. Valma’s level of skill and comprehension of the art of sailing combined with her patience and sensitivity to her students is astounding. I could not imagine a better teacher, mentor, motivator! I feel empowered, inspired and I can sail!”- Laurie Bowers